Video Production

Spark: Thomas Greene EdD

A message from the University of Portland Provost describing how Experiential Learning opportunities make UP stand out among our WCC peers. This video is part of the Spark project. Production process included storyboarding, script writing, teleprompted recording session, editing from footage library, and final publishing. (December 2019)

Spark: John Orr PhD

A mini documentary about John Orr PhD, a Professor of English and Assistant Provost for Undergraduate Scholarly Engagement at the University of Portland. This video is part of the Spark project for the University of Portland. Production process included interviews, b-roll, editing, post production, animation, and final publishing as a one-man unit. (December 2019)

Spark: Joshua Swidzinski PhD

A mini-documentary about Dr. Swidzinski and his journey to bring literature alive in his classroom through authentic works from archives and research opportunities with his students. Production process included interviews, b-roll, editing, post production, animation, and final publishing as a one-man unit. (November 2019)

Staff Showcase: The University of Portland

Interview-style video showcasing new staff members at the University of Portland to celebrate the growth of the campus community. This project was completed on a three week timeline and shown at the University’s Development Day event for staff members. Production process was end-to-end as a one-man unit (October 2019).

Spark: Vail Fletcher PhD and Tara Prestholdt Phd

This video showcases two University of Portland professors and their journey to bridge disciplines and share learning experiences outside of the classroom. This video is part of a larger project called Spark (September 2019)

Spark: Experiential Learning at the University of Portland

A testimonial video produced for Spark, an experiential learning campaign at the University of Portland and under the direction of the Provost. This video is one in a larger series of showcases featuring a diverse group of students from a variety of disciplines. Process included initial branding, interviews, b-roll, editing, and post-production. (April 2019)

STEM Reading Fair Promotional Video

A short promotional video for the University of Portland School of Education as part of an effort to highlight community involvement. The goal of the project was to create an asset to be used online and at conference presentations to showcase university achievements. Process included: B-roll capture, testimonial capture, editing, color grading, and audio production. (October 2018)

Dr. Thomas Greene: Via Pulchritudinis Lecture

A tele-prompted, lecture-style video for Dr. Thomas Greene, Provost at the University of Portland. Production process included video and audio recording, background keying and replacement, and editing. (September 2018)

Apple Distinguished Educator: Lora Looney

Spotlight video created as a part of the ADE Class of 2017 Application. The goal of the project was to highlight the innovative use of Apple technology to drive student engagement and learning. Process included: scripting, storyboarding, video capture, voiceover recording, editing, and final publishing. (February 2017)

Tech Tutorials

Educational videos which describe multimedia production best practices used at On the Bluff Studios. Process included: Concept mapping best practices, scripting, filming/recording, editing, animation, final publishing. (Summer 2016)

Comedy Film

Comedy short-film produced for the 2018 Student Film Festival at the University of Portland, where it won the Best Story award. Scripted, shot, and edited by myself. (February 2018)
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